The Laughing Lip is set in near space, all within thirty light-years of our own solar system.  Habitable “blue-green” worlds are rare and highly desired.  Most worlds are not suitable for unprotected carbon-based life.

Jannah consists of various domed and underground habitats on severl large planetoids.  Though the habitats are far from the most dangerous zone, Láng’s larger flares occasionally spew harmful radiation levels.   Terran habitats from various parts of the world are reproduced under the domes, and partially protected from flares by energy shunts.  Jannah is protected by Fleet against the zhīzhū.

The second planet of this orange star was briefly home to the O’Sullivan Colony.  The zhīzhū had, however, already planted an experimental adaptive colony  on this marginal world.  The human presence was discovered by a regular survey.  The zhīzhū chose to defend their claim vigorously, dispatching a force of over fifty spheres.  Though many zhīzhū spheres were destroyed as they exited hyperspace, Fleet was forced to pull the colonists out and retreat.  The zhizhhu colony at Groombridge is now open and active.

This metal-poor but habitable world has given rise to its own race of bipedal humanoids.  Though omnivorous, their unique feature is a bony horn protruding from their skulls.  Less technologically advanced than humanity, the Cetians divide themselves into Horns (nomadic warriors) and  Hornless (settled groups who accept protection of various clans).

Groombridge 1618 II

 Láng/Jannah (Wolf 359, Asteroid/Planetoid Cluster)

Tiāncāngwu/Shānhé-Wòtǔ (Tau Ceti IV)

Stars and Worlds

The Laughing Lip

Mythology repeats itself.

Zhu Rong is a known “superflare” star which erupted in the 1930’s.  The star  is about 30 light-years from Sol, but only 7.5 light-years from the Alula Australis system.  Flare activity makes unprotected life impossible.  Its primary planet is Panlong, a “hot Jupiter” giant.  The primary action of Long Remembering Harpers takes place here.

Zhu Rong (Groombridge 1830)