The Laughing Lip

Mythology repeats itself.

Book 3:  Some Man Kneel Down

Manifest Destiny’s genocidal attack on the zhīzhū has been averted by B.P. Avinashini, Cuchulain “Murphy” O’Meath, Urwah Grunon, the Horn Clanlord Fahnisht — and, in a surprise of first cooperation, by Hogajue, the zhīzhū whose ship has shadowed Granuaile

Granuaile requires significant maintenance and repair.  She has returned to Jannah at Wolf 359.  After a brief rest, its crew will have new tasks to complete.  They have only temporarily averted inter-species warfare.

The human drive to  control fertile worlds has not been diluted.  Yi Tan’s Empire faces attack from two  fronts,  Manifest Destiny has formed a rebel government along Yi Tan’s Reach.  Its hijacked fleet is forming and training not far away, in the UV Ceti System. 

The zhīzhū are little different.  Most of the zhīzhū are unconvinced that humanity is anything other than vermin to be exterminated or cattle to be herded.  Spheres of the majority “Must” Nests are  preparing  to drive through Wolf  359 to Earth.  The “Must” nests believe that they must expand or stagnate.

Granuaile will seek the zhīzhū Hogajue to continue dialogue, but others will oppose the process, leading to renewed conflict.



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