The Laughing Lip

Mythology repeats itself.

Demand the Debt

That’s Owing

Available in Paperback and Kindle Editions

Beginning in Spring, 2011

Book 2: Demand the Debt That’s Owing

The religiously pro-human Manifest Destiny Movement’s genocide of the Tau Ceti’s intelligent species has all but succeeded.  Now Manifest Destiny seeks to launch its biological weapons against the spidery zhīzhū, voracious  and uncommunicative competitors for the rare Earth-like worlds in local space.  The Humanitas Church, a prime gateway to Manifest Destiny, has converted an unknown number of Imperial Fleet crews.  Vessels stolen from Fleet’s reserve anchorage are already crewed by deserters, retirees, and others.  


Cuchulain “Murphy” O’Meath of the Emperor’s Jin Jun has limited time to interfere with Manifest Destiny.  Fahnisht, his non-human friend and Clanlord, intends to collect the blood debt owed for his species’ near-destruction.  They will do what they must to interfere with genocide, even of the zhīzhū. 


Fleet fighter pilot B. P. Avinashini and marine Urwah Grunon, Fleet Marine, have both seen the death and destruction the zhīzhū bring to human “cattle.”  Impressed by O’Meath as crew of Granuaile, they can help — or they can give Manifest Destiny its chance to end the zhīzhū’s own threat to consume humanity.