The Laughing Lip

Mythology repeats itself.

Book N+1:  Long-Remembering Harpers

Long-Remembering Harpers is set seventy-three years after the events of Books 1 through 3.  Spoilers will be found here.  Purists must read only at their own peril.

Her grandparents were heroes to three intelligent species.

Her parents are celebrated scholars.

Kirthi O’Meath is teetering at the edge.


Seventy-three years ago Cuchulain “Murphy” O’Meath of the Emperor’s Jin Jun and Fleet fighter pilot B. P. Avinashini helped prevent the genocide of the zhīzhū, and began the long process of  rebuilding the genocide-decimated Horns of Tau Ceti.  Fifty-three years ago, they located the last vestiges of  the human Manifest Destiny movement and ended its two decades of multi-species terrorism.


B. A. Kirthi, their granddaughter, tries to eke out a living in the obsolete, salvaged  Rani Lakshmi Bai.  The death she caused haunts her.  Her dishonorable discharge from Fleet follows her.  Admiral Idanha keeps her from finding a future.  Her grandmother, rigid and distant, is no help, and a friend of the zhīzhū to boot. 


The unraveling threads lead Kirthi to the unstable flare star Zhu Rong, where she must reconcile past, present and future before the star incinerates her ship and everyone aboard.


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