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Mythology repeats itself.

Humanity has barely survived its own foolishness to reach the stars.  Ecological collapse was avoided only by the decimation of humanity in the Pandemics of the 2030’s.  A new kind of empire was built by those who could control the deadly strains.  With most world travel halted, the new world order strictly controlled population, commerce, and technology.  Still, humanity yearned for fresh air and  green fields.

By the 2200’s, humanity spread through our own solar system.  In the early 2300’s, rudimentary FTL drives allowed colonization of a tolerable world in the Centaurus system.  Advances in FTL and other technology allowed humanity to accelerate expansion later in the century.  Dome-and-tunnel colonies were established at Wolf 359 and UV Ceti despite recurrent flares.  Both colonies include “gene reserves” from Earth.   

In the 2350’s and 2360’s, humanity first encountered the zhīzhū.   The spider-like aliens have refused to communicate in any way.  They view humanity as vermin to be exterminated.   The zhīzhū have decisively claimed and colonized the blue-green Earth-like worlds beyond Wolf 359.  Humanity cannot expand into their sphere of influence.

Along Yi Tan’s reach, the humanoid Horns and Hornless of  Shānhé-Wòtǔ (Tau Ceti IV) live and grow on their own blue-green world circling Tau Ceti.  “Manifest Destiny” extremists covet the green fields and blue oceans.  Backed by key members of the Imperial Fleet, these extremists plan genocide to claim Shānhé-Wòtǔ for humanity.  The Emperor’s Jin Jun lack the numbers to defend the natives of Tau Ceti IV by force.

Manifest Destiny has a  larger goal: destroy the zhīzhū  and take their worlds  for  humanity.  If the three species cannot find common ideas and words,  mutual destruction must follow.

Interspecies competition cannot be resolved in a single stroke.  A future generation must also face the old instincts.  A grandchild of the original protagonists will have to decide whether she will take up their battle.

All Shall Go to Wrack, Demand the Debt that’s Owing  and Long-Remembering Harpers are available in paper or for Kindle at (click the links for paper!).  Some Man Kneel Down, is due in early 2013.


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